Georgia Tour Guide

The country's mountainous interior, though, creates wintertime scenery

The Country of Georgia is a Hot Spot for Cold-Weather Vacationing

Many people opt to devote most of their precious vacation time to summery relaxation and other warm-weather pursuits. Picking the right destination for a wintry holiday, though, can easily end up making for an especially memorable time.

Certain countries do a better job than others of ensuring spectacular vacation experiences for visitors who arrive come winter. A quick look at some of the reasons why Georgia country tourism numbers stay so strong through the colder months should make this clear.

Tourists Find Georgia a True Winter Wonderland

Georgia is probably best known as a vacation destination for tourists who focus on the beaches spread across its Black Sea coastline. The country's mountainous interior, though, creates wintertime scenery that is every bit as appealing after the snow starts falling each year.

There are plenty of excellent reasons to head to Georgia for a vacation come winter, as many have discovered. Some of those that most frequently tip the scales include:

Skiing. Georgia is home to four major ski resorts, each of which provides access to world-class terrain. Reliable snow and well-developed infrastructure virtually ensure enjoyable skiing, which cannot be said for every other well-known resort worldwide. Everyone from rank beginners to true experts will enjoy skiing in Georgia.

Sightseeing. Home to some of the most dramatic stretches of the Caucasus Mountains, Georgia is rich with spectacular winter landscapes. Snowstorms in the mountains bring out their majesty in ways no viewer can fail to be impressed by. Some of the most familiar, frequently published stock photos of regal, snow-covered peaks have been taken in Georgia over the years, and visitors can count on seeing such scenes themselves come winter.

Celebrations. Winter is also an especially festive time of the year in Georgia, and visitors are always welcome to take part in the celebrations. In addition to stalwarts like Christmas and the Gregorian New Year, Georgians have some distinctive wintertime holidays of their own. A local holiday called Bedoba, for example, follows New Year's Day and is said to endow celebrants with luck that lasts through the months to come. On January 14, Georgians pick up the party favors again to celebrate the start of the Julian calendar New Year.

Many More Reasons to Plan a Winter Visit to Georgia

As those who go to our site will see, there are plenty of other great reasons to visit Georgia after the weather grows cold. Few countries anywhere have as much to offer to visitors looking to make the most of the winter months.